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New Party

Motion Graphics Branding


The shown visuals and series of still and animated assets are to explain, advertise and explore the concept of the fictional international street food festival ‘New Party’. The main target groups are young adults, food lovers and young families. With the created brand identity the festival should promote fun, easiness, playfulness, joy, happiness and appear to be young, fresh and ‘yummy‘. 


This was my first motion graphics project. It was challenging to think about concepts that are supposed to work as still and moving images. In doing so the major challenge was not just to make it move, but to ensure the visuals still look good during the entire movement. 


The chosen approach differentiates itself from other street food festival brandings which usually include food photography and is therefore eye-catching and has a high recognition value.
The logo is eating-related as a mouth and a tongue form the initials NP. Through the animated tongue licking its lips the logo appears cheeky and funny. The chosen colours are in pastel tones and underline the happy and ‘fresh‘ character. I also created a whole typeface for the event to ensure a unique identity throughout all the components.

I would love to attend this festival based on your playful and smart branding!

- Judge Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019

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