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Career Service Uni Ulm

Explainer Video


The Career Service of the University of Ulm asked me to make a 2D animated explainer video about their services and how they support students in finding a job. 


The animated explainer video uses storytelling to engage the audience. The main character, a student of the University of Ulm is at the beginning of her application process. After lots of online reserach she is overwhelmed by all the information and struggles to filter useful information. She then discovers the website of the Career Service and clicks through it to discover all the services she needs. Soon she has watched a web seminar, has created her CV accordingly and done Company Speed Dating to gain useful contacts. All that leds to her getting her dream job. 

For the Career Service it was most important to not use designs and illustrations premade. I was therefore tasked to illustrate everything on my own which was a lot of fun. The animation also doesn't use any templates and is all done by myself. It was my first explainer video and I have learned a lot in the process such as playing with perspective and creating interesting transmissions from one frame to another.

Storyboard Screens
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