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The Journey to Happiness



On my mission to make a positive contribution to people's lives as a graphic designer I investigated the topic of happiness and its achievement. That said, ‘The Journey to Happiness’ explores a range of solutions informed by my research into happiness and addresses everyone who wants to improve their quality of life. It defines the six factors Goals, Mind-Body, Leisure Time, Creativity, Social Interaction and Adventure as routes to happiness.

Challenges and Outcomes

Addressing the abstraction of the topic, the design concept experiments mainly with type and the shape with the most positive association, the circle. The campaign expresses a vibrant and emotive visual language, exhibiting an arresting and unique combination of traditional Letterpress with textures and colours derived from Risograph printing.

The campaign consists of billboards, a landing page, posters, a publication, an interactive Adshel poster and 'The Happiness Kit' to get the user actively involved. The kit consists of motivational postcards, keychains and a game inspiring people to spend time more meaningfully, by consciously incorporating the six factors into their daily lives using activity cards.

The motion graphics, the opportunity for interaction and innovative, engaging ideas create a meaningful outcome which informs and also actively contributes to the audience’s happiness through the format.



This project was shortlisted for the competition of the Golabl Design Graduate Show 2020 (GDGS 2020) by ARTSTHREAD and i-D magazine.

Landing Page

​Very well executed - the feel of happiness through playful forms and confident typography, avoiding cliches and flexing the same feel across different channels and formats.

@sashavidakovic SV Design, judge GDGS 2020

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