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Studium und Praxis e.V.




In 2017 I was asked to redesign the Corporate Design of the club ‘Studium und Praxis‘ for mathematics and economics students and alumni, as well as the appearance of their biggest event, the WiMa-congress, a career fair for students. This included the creation of a logo for the event, a logo for the club itself, new colours and typography as well as several print materials. Ever since, I provide the club every year with different materials.



The old logo and branding of the club has existed since their founding 30 years ago and was therefore very outdated. The club initially wanted someone new to just design their content for the WiMa-congress using this old material.

However, I decided to take a little risk and to prepare non-discussed visuals, to show them how a new design approach and logo would redefine their club. It was therefore challenging to provide a new design that would take up facetes and ideas from the old familiar and respected design, but also to transform it into something modern, youthful and sophisticated at the same time. Being sceptical at first after I suggested to change their appearance, they were eventually thrilled after showing them how I'd envisioned the new approach and asked me to implement my ideas.

The new logo of the WiMa-congress is very modern as it follows the current gradient and flat design trend, as with the new ‘Studium and Praxis‘ logo. 
The pictures show an extract of the print material that I have designed for the club. This includes the brochure of the WiMa-congress, a postcard, tickets, flyers and posters. The new appearance has a high recognition value through its colours, the little mathematical symbols in the background and recurring design elements.

It perfectly represents the youthful and mathematical character of the club while at the same time appearing much more sophisticated than before. Therefore, it should address not only the young target group but also possible cooperation partners as well. 

The Coronavirus caused the career fair to be held online in 2020. I therefore created new visuals, such as illustrations, an animated advertising video and social media posts, underlining the online character of the event. Therefore and in order to move with the times, a lot of motion graphic elements were implemented, such as animated versions of the two logos.

Animated Advertising Video for Instagram 2021

Storyboard Screens for the Advertising Video 2020

Animated Logo Studium und Praxis e.V:

Animated Instagram Posts