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The "Agency Project" took place as part of my master's degree. Five fellow students form an advertising agency and work together on projects. But firstly, you have to develop a branding and a manifesto, determining the character of the agency.

Challenges and Outcome

This branding, consisting of a logo, business cards and a website, visualizes the character of our agency 'Carbon'. The concept and branding was commonly developed, whereby I completely individually designed the website. I also functioned as a connecting link, for instance by combining two logo ideas of two fellow students to one. Additionally, I became main copywriter, formulating the manifesto and the main text of the website.

The main challenge was to create a design that suited all five group members. By connecting with each other it became apparent that we did not share a lot of interests or similarities. Our main feature was diversity. The agency’s concept therefore bases on carbon, as it builds up the majority of our surroundings and its compounds form the basis of all known life on Earth. It is soft as graphite but hard as diamonds. The diversity of carbon is a methaphor for our expertise and offer.

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