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Vandal of Hearts

Logo Design & Album Art


The T-shirts show the application of a logo and symbol for the Scottish musician ‘Vandal of hearts‘. He asked for a logo expressing his influences from the skate culture, indie and alternative rock music. Moreover, a heart and card game references should be included in the logo. The texts 'Vandal' and 'Heart' should be contrary fonts expressing their meaning.


I usually don't draw a lot for my projects. In this case, to match the intended style, I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone and to draw the heart shape first by hand and then digitally. A musicians logo is usually also a lot more playful and 'complicated' than a corporate logo (the ones I usually do). I therefore did something completely different from my usual, more minimalitic, style.


I designed a logo but also a symbol for the musician in case he didn't want to use the whole lettering all the time. The 'Vandal' is inspired by the daft punk logo whereas the 'Hearts' is written in a contrary gothic style. The heart and colours pick up the grafitti and skate influences of the musician. The 'V' of the symbol plays with the card game design idea by imitating card the value similar to the 'K' for king or the 'Q' for queen.

Vinyl Record Mockup.png
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