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Medal Design


I was commisioned by the University of Edinburgh School of Engineering to design these medals to honour 81 members for their contributions during the Covid19 pandemic. In reference to the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers who went to the School of Engineering they imagined the medal to depict a Stevenson lighthouse.
Moreover, they asked for a Covid design reference which shouldn't be too obvious. 
Last but nt least they asked for a high quality look and feel.



This was the first and probablly last medal I have designed. It is kind of an unusual format for a graphic designer. I therefore had to educate myself about medal designs and possibilities while keeping the budget in mind. It is also a material I have not worked with and I had to imagine the look and feel throughout as I couldn't do prototypes with the real material.


I tried out various different design approaches. Some of them even played with the idea of engraving glas which was ruled out due to cost reasons.

The final chosen medal design depicts the Bell Rock lighthouse by Robert Stevenson
as an illustrative icon in the middle with waves creating a pattern in a celtic style around it.

The Covid reference is shown through the border in a sophisticated way and fine, 
filigree look. Several cut-outs make the design more interesting and give it an extra high quality look and feel.


Other medal design approaches

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