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Lea Mauser - Make Up & Hair

Logo Design


Lea Mauser is a hair and make up artist who wanted a logo which expresses the creativity of her profession. She imagined her name to be written in a smooth hand-written style and the description of her profession in a contrary however matching style. 

Challenges and Outcome

I couldn't find any font expression exactly what I envisioned. Therefore I had to use my hand-lettering skills to sketch out her name. Finding a matching contrary font turned out to be even more difficult. Unlike the filigree name lettering the font had to be bold and in capital letters. Most fonts seemed too square compared to the smooth and round 'lea mauser'. I therefore took an existing font and changed it to fit the required needs. I rounded the edges and deleted some of the strokes to give it a modern and imaginative, creative look. 

The created logo expresses the creative character of the profession through adjusted letters in a modern, edgy style. It appears smooth and balanced, just like professional make up should be.

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