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Creative Method Card Set


The topic of my bachelor thesis was to design and prototype a creative method card set to promote innovative solutions to problems. Every card should display a different creative method out of different project phases.


For this project I had to evaluate hundreds of different creative methods in order to choose the most diverse and effective ones to be implemented. Another main challenge was to categorize the content into sections and to create clarity through an understandable, yet eye-catching information design approach.


I defined eight project phases and came up with an information matrix to section the content.

The chosen modern information design approach with minimalistic icons and a diamond shape follows the advanced flat design and the duotone trend in its illustration style, addressing a younger target group, students.

I produced a printed prototype of the cardset, consisting of eight cards and packaging and decided to use multiloft cards and spot varnish to underline crucial information.


My university was so pleased with my results, that they hired me to finish the cardset which can now we purchased at

The card set was also mentioned by PAGE, a leading German Design magazine at

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