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Lou's big adventure

Children's book

These pages are a brief excerpt from my children’s book, which I am still working on. 
This personal project is particularly important to me and has resulted from a very intensive and advanced visual research and creative working process.
The story is about the little lonely crocodile Lou, who travels to different places in the world with his “wish cookies”, finds friends there and experiences a great adventure.


When I had the idea of creating a children's book, I was faced with two major challenges: Developing an appealing story as well as suitable writing style and an interesting illustration and design approach. The latter was especially challenging since this was my first illustration project and I had to develop lots of skills in a short time. I also didn't want to create a very cheesy children's book style. Inspired by Jon Klassen and Dan Matutina I was able to create these lovely outcomes.


In 2017 these designs were awarded 'Semifinalist' in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards which can be seen at

Design development

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