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When applying for a job at the design agency 'neckarfreunde' they asked me to design a task as part of the application process. I was tasked to design a label for a fictional icetea of my choice for one of their clients (logo blurred). I was free in choosing fonts, colours, etc. Moreover, I had to think about a possible social media campaign. The timeframe for the project was two days.

Challenges and Outcome

The most challenging things was the time management. I had two days for all the necessary research, sketching, experimenting, designing and campagning. I had to take fast decisions, be highly creative and concentrated the entire time. This helped me realise what I can be capable of in just two days. 

Although I have done many illustrations in the past I mostly did similar styles and rarely handdrawn. For this project, even though I had a very limited amount of time, I decided to be brave and try something new because I imagined this particular style to be most fitting to the purpose. 

The outcome, through vibrant colour and playful fonts, stands for fun and happiness. All illustrations on the label are self-drawn. I decided to design the sorts 'pomegranate' and 'citrus fruits'. The social media campaign plays with the words 'ice' and 'tea' and promotes fun through little jokes and positive, sometimes cheeky messages.

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