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Aus dem Hause Dietrich

Label Design


This label was developed to brand organic spirits products made of fruit from local orchards. I was also asked to develop the branding, consisting of logo, colours and typography. The customer wanted a vintage, illustrative style incorporating the colours green and blue.



This was my first hand lettering project, which was challenging. There's room for improvement, but I still like the modern, yet hand-crafted look of the letterforms. It also adds a unique style.

It took me time to develop different ideas to really understand what the client wanted, but in the end we were both very happy with the solution. This made me realise the importance of really listening and taking my clients' wishes into account.


Due to the customer's requests for a 'natural' or 'healthy' look with preferably green and blue tones, I have chosen a colour palette with rich and warm colours. The illustration is inspired by the customer's actual orchard, which is overlooked by Ebersberg Castle. I used textures to give the illustration a vintage and more compelling look.

orchard tree branch
orchard tree flowers
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