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Movie Poster


Students of the course audiovisual media of the University of applied sciences 'Hochschule der Medien' in Stuttgart asked me to design a movie poster for their new film 'Ausgeliefert'. The movie is about the lonely former post officer Schempp who sits alone in his house painting on he home of his best and only friend: the flower pot. He awaits the delivery of a package. Having beeen replaced as a post officer by his successor, the efficient postal robot ARD, he plans to confront him by his arrival. 

Challenge & Outcome

This was my first movie poster. I was challenged by meeting the vision of all the stakeholders of the project and by visualising the spirit and mood of the movie. I therefore had several approaches. A first more experimental approach has been a series of six posters playing with typography. The final two poster follows a more conventional approach which also plays with the material cardboard and wood, makes use of movie scenes and depicts Schempp alone in his house visible through the mail slot. The dark and depressing mood is underlined by the choice of colour.

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