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Character - An Homage to Typography

Type specimen


I was tasked to design a typeface inspired by a typography creation workshop in which we created paper characters, each of them in 60 seconds. 


The main challenge was to create 26 unique characters, totally different from each other but at the same time connect them to be perceived as belonging together.


The visuals shown above explore the idea of a typeface with every character being in a different style. Due to the unique character of each letter and the focus on every individual character, the created typeface is called ‘character’.
The type specimen booklet was created to show the many possible diverse applications of the created typeface as well as to promote it and can be understood as an homage to typography. It is an experimentation with typographical image making. It proves that typography can be underrated and does not necessarily only function as a text transmitter, but can be a fascinating component by itself.

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