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Mobile App Design


This fictional app was developed as a group project in which we should come up with an innovative idea and concept for a web project.
We decided to develop an app for a fictional fair trade organic supermarket called ‘Grünzeug’, which offers exotic foods.



In this group work, task distribution and collaboration was particularly important. I was given the main responsibility for the design. It was developed on the base of a long and well-considered development process including surveys, prototypes, benchmarking and trends. 


We wanted to offer a unique shopping experience. Therefore, we developed the idea of ​​adding barcodes to new or rather unknown products that can be scanned. Information about the product, such as nutritional values, recipe ideas and much more then appear in the app to make it easier for the customer to take a decision. He now has a concrete idea of ​​what he can do with the product and can opt for a healthy, exotic dinner thanks to the recipe idea.

Every product page is a one-pager. Clicking on the menu items scrolls to their position. If you click on the burger menu you can access other products, a barcode, social media and legal matters.

The shown visuals explore this idea based on the exotic fruit pomgranate.

The app has a particularly fresh, modern and trendy look. The choice of fonts and the hand-painted arrows are particularly exciting, which should add a ‘homemade’ or natural look.

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