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Happiness is a Choice

Risograph Publication


The task was to create an eight-page publication about my master's research topic, the concept and achievement of happiness. I especially wanted to share the understanding that it is possible to learn how to be happier, but my main goal was to actively contribute to the happiness of the user through my design approach.


This publication explains some of my findings about the concept and achievement of happiness. As this is a very theoretical topic which varies for everyone in its meaning it was especially challenging to visualize some of its abstractions.


The publication is visually inspired by and partly created with the handicraft character of letterpress and printed with three layers of riso printing. Small possibilities for interactivity and 3D elements are made to amaze the viewer and ideally to raise a smile on his face, spreading the spirit of the investigated topic.

Afterwards, I spontaneously cut my waste sheets into pieces and created different tunnel books.


I shared this little booklet at an exhibition and received very positive feedback. It was especially pleasing for me to see how people started smiling when exploring the booklet which was exactly what I wanted to achieve.


Different tunnel book prototypes

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